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Detailed conference programme will be available after 15 August 2019.

Pre-Conference Tutorial

24 September 2019 (14:00-18:00). 'Nanotechnology and Engineering Nanomaterials: Fundamentas, Knowledge and Applications' by Prof. Sivakumar Manickam, Director, Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials, The University of Nottingham Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Special Session on 'Internet of Things: Sensors, Networks and Applications'

Implementation of IoT solutions requires a good knowledge of specific design techniques, which are prerequisite for the succesfull IoT application. Typical IoT appliacation comprises the number of sensors and actuators which are interconnected via wireless or rarely used wired network. In a practical realization, such solution asks for the proper sensory design with application of suitable peripheral circuitry, taking into account all performance and communication claims. Current developments in the field of MEMS and SoC designs evolved rapidly over the last decades. Orientation on the ultra-low-power computation brings new application possibilities, even in the fields, where it would be before impossible. On the other hand, with the increasing number of sensors, the traffic requirements accelerated rapidly. Here new pre-processing methods starts to play a significant role, where only the appropriate data are sent to the network cloud. Here, AI and cognitive techniques are brought to the fore. Other important topics cover the work with the data, especially the security starts to be crucial in the wide installations.

This session will present the latest developments, as well as the novel, interesting and non-traditional applications in these fields. Moreover, it should also facilitated interconnectivity between participants in case of a future collaboration.


* Sensor Circuits and Sensor devices

* Applications and Programming

* Architectures, Protocols and Algorithms

* Modeling and Simulation

* Operating systems

* Pre-processing techniques

* Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Neural Networks

* Distributed data processing

* CommunicationStandardization

* Localization * Energy harvesting

* Reliability, Services, QoS and Fault Tolerance

* Security

* Legal and ethical aspects related to the integration of IoT networks

* Applications of IoT networks

Session Chairman:

Dr. Michal Hodon, University of Zilina, Slovakia

e-mail: michal.hodon@fri.uniza.sk

Welcome Cocktail

24 September 2019 (19:00-23:00). The Welcome Cocktail will take place in the 16th

floor (Sky Lounge Bar) situate on the Hard Rock Hotel's Nirvana Tower building's roof with the best, magnificent, panoramic views to Teide volcano, the Atlantic coast, La Gomera Island and sunset. Actually, it is known as the highest leisure location in Tenerife. Do not miss this opportunity to say the first "hello" to attendees and committee members.

Gala Dinner

26 September 2019 (19:00-24:00). The Gala Dinner (BBQ) will take place in the Hard Rock Hotel at the sea beach in front of the Lagoon area (see the hotel map below).

Post-Conference Tour

27 or 28 September 2019 (9:00 - 17:00). Tenerife North bus excursion.