* Five Keynote Presentations

* Five Special Sessions

* Seven Regular Sessions

* One Poster Session

* One Panel Discussion​

Keynote Presentations:

1. Oxygen Gas Sensing Technologies New Features in Combustion Process

Dr. Pavel Shuk (Emerson Electric Corp., USA)

2. Laser-based Gas Sensors for Breath Analysis: from Research to the Clinic

Dr. Simona M. Cristescu (Radboud University, The Netherlands)

3. Label-free Optical Fiber Sensing Platform Based on Lossy Mode Resonances

Dr. Carlos Ruiz Zamarreño (Public University of Navarra, Spain)

4. A/D Conversion Techniques Based on the Usage of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Signals: Applications for Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems

Prof. José Miguel Dias Pereira (Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal)

5. Strain Gauges and Wheatstone Bridges in Multicomponent Force and Moment Transducers: On Current Concepts and Applications

Dr. Dan Mihai Stefanescu (Romanian Measurement Society Romania)

Special Sessions:

* Gas Sensors (two sessions)

* IoT: Sensors, Networks and Applications (two sessions)

* New Trends in Measurement Science: Intelligent Measurements (one session)

Panel Discussion

Sensor Community: which services do we need ?

Moderator: S.Y.Yurish (IFSA President)

Panelists: S. M. Cristescu, D. M. Stefanescu, C. Ruiz Zamarreño and J. M. Dias Pereira

Welcome Cocktail

24 September 2019 (19:00-21:00). The Welcome Cocktail will take place in the 16th floor (Sky Lounge Bar) situate on the Hard Rock Hotel's Nirvana Tower building's roof with the best, magnificent, panoramic views to Teide volcano, the Atlantic coast, La Gomera Island and sunset. Actually, it is known as the highest leisure location in Tenerife. Do not miss this opportunity to say the first "hello" to attendees and committee members.

Gala Dinner

26 September 2019 (20:00-24:00). The Gala Dinner (BBQ) will take place in the Hard Rock Hotel at the sea beach in front of the Lagoon area (see the hotel map below).

The detailed conference programme is available for download at:

Conference Programme (pdf, 1.37 Mb)